Dedicated. United. Inclusive.

Helping you come closer to Allah, and ultimately offering outstanding facilities that serve our congregation, as well as the local community, our masjid is run by a committed team of trustees, staff and volunteers.

Starting from a point of common understanding, our work is led and guided by our mission and values.

Our Vision

A masjid for the remembrance of Allah (God) providing Islamic knowledge to the public and facilitating development of the community (with emphasis on Muslim children and women)

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Our Mission

Exemplary lifecycle religious services and activities.

Professional management committed to serving the institution.

An environment that promotes high levels of community involvement.

Impeccable masjid facilities.

Our Values

Excellence through individual and collective diligent effort.

Teamwork uniting us with a common vision even when there are different opinions.

Commitment to fulfil our duties.

Consultation (shura) at the core of our decision-making process.

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