Youth Azan Competition-Closing date 17th May

Assalamualaikum an exciting opportunity for the younger boys (6-16) to get involved and share the call to prayer, perfect time when all our Masjid’s are closed due to the Covid -19 outbreak. It’s something we crave to hear more so during this blessed month of Ramadan.

Before entering please read below:

  • Video recitation must be received via parent
  • By entering the competition parents give permission for video recitation to be uploaded to our social media pages
  • Imam Hafiz Tariq al Islam will select the winners will be announced on 27th night of Ramadan 9.45-1045 pm
  • Prizes 1st £30, 2nd £15 and 3rd £10 vouchers

To enter please WhatsApp your video recitation, alongside name and age of the entrant to 07856 661005 closing date is Sunday 17th May

JazakAllah Khair