🌙 Ramadan Services

Assalamualaikum, we are trying our best to ensure you have a safe and normal Ramadan, Masjid is open daily (for brothers & sisters) however if you are unable to attend then stay connected online.


  • Quran Halaqa after Fajr
  • General questions after Zuhr*
  • Tafseer 1 hour before Maghrib*
  • Short reminder after Isha*
  • Taraweeh* – booking required for Masjid – broadcast live online too


  • 3 no Jammah (1.30*, 2.30 & 3.30 PM) for Jummah
  • Saturday after Zuhr youth programme*
  • Sunday after Zuhr lessons on Riyadhus Saliheen for women


  • Azan competition


🎙*Services broadcast live each day from the Masjid