🌙 Odd nights 1445 🕌

Ramadan 1445 Odd Nights

Please find the odd nights for this Ramadan in the photo above.

Things to consider for last 10 nights:
✔ I’tikaaf in the masjid
Note: Registrants to be 16+ only and there are limited slots

✔ Tahajjud prayers and suhoor to be provided

✔ Automate your last 10 night donation
DONATE https://mytennights.com/alhikmah-foundation-uk?fbclid=PAAaargTAnomrnsibw4AVcGcQO8wlj1RKRVpBucWamyxmBzf9pPELV1BoVuAc

JazakAllah Khair
Masjid Alhikmah and Community Centre

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